Professional Cleaning

A Deep, Healthy Clean

As one of the leading cleaning companies My Professional Cleaniers offers comprehensive regular cleaning services for your residence or business. Our years of experience combined with using the latest equipment and dedication to doing the job right is why more people are calling our company to get the best in cleaning services.

What you can expect from our cleaning:
  • Bathrooms:
    Sink Tub and/or shower tiles thoroughly scrubbed cleaned rinsed Chrome fixtures cleaned shined. Toilets disinfected inside and out including base and behind Vanity top cleaned Towels changed (if left out) Mirrors cleaned Windowsills wiped down Trash emptied Baseboards dusted wiped Vacuum and/or wash floor Fingerprints removed from all woodwork door frames switch plates.
  • Kitchen:
    Windowsills Counter tops back splash cabinet sink cleaned Floor vacuumed washed oven microwave refrigerator dishwasher stove top cleaned Small appliances wiped cleaned Baseboards table chairs dusted wiped Fingerprints removed Trash emptied Dishes washed
  • Bedrooms:
    Carpets vacuumed under bed (if accessible) Beds made Linens changed Picture Lampshades Baseboards frames All areas dusted on top,on front underneath Mirrors Windowsills Fingerprints cleaned Trash emptied Light, general straightening completed
  • Other:¬†
    Living Areas Hallways Stairs All areas dusted floors vacuumed Cushions pillows fluffed straightened Hardwood tile floors damp-mopped Baseboards dusted cobwebs removed Fingerprints Glass tables wiped down.


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